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So you’ve decided to install a screen sunroom on your home – congratulations! Screen sunrooms are one of the best additions you can make to your home. Here’s why:

1) Affordable

Screen sunrooms are an affordable option if you’re looking to add a bit more space to your home. Sunrooms add an extra room to your home, without all of the costs associated with a full home extension. Screen sunrooms can also be built in stages. You can start off with screens and an acrylic roof, with the option to add Eze-Breeze windows a few years later for added comfort.

2) Added value

As with any addition to your home, screen sunrooms instantly add value to your home. Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the next few years, or are simply looking for a way to invest for selling it further down the line, sunrooms are one of the best ways to add to your home’s value.

3) Useable space

Screen sunrooms, unlike a deck or traditional outdoor space, can be used year-round in any type of climate. During the summer, it’s easy to open the screens and windows to turn it into an outdoor space. In the winter, stay cosy and warm while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Whether you choose to use your sunroom as a breakfast room, living room, rec room or an office, you’ll be sure to get lots of use out of it year-round.

4) Clean

Screen sunrooms are a cleaner alternative to outdoor spaces. Because they’re enclosed, you don’t have to worry about blowing leaves in the fall. They also collect less dust throughout the year, and can even stop as much as 90 per cent of snow during the winter.

5) Energy-saving

You may think that adding an extra space to your room will cost you lots of extra money in utility bills, but screen sunrooms are actually more energy-efficient than any other part of your home. Because they are made almost entirely out of windows, sunrooms are able to capture the warmth and light of the sun. In the winter, this saves you money on heating, and in the summer, it will allow you to harness natural light instead of using your electricity.

6) Stress-reducing

Being outside is great for our health, but it’s not always possible – especially with our different seasons. Screen sunrooms allow you to feel as if you’re outside and provides you with all of the benefits, while still protecting you from the elements. Whether it’s hot, raining or a bit too cold to sit outside, use your screen sunroom to soak up all the fresh air and sunshine.

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