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When choosing a screen door for your house, you should keep a couple of things in mind. Screen doors come in many different varieties—you have the typical sliding screen patio doors, the classic swinging screen doors, or the modern retractable door screens. All are good options, depending on how they fit into your house.

Screen doors are a great way to keep out bugs and other unwanted pests. They allow a cool breeze through your house while also protecting you from harmful UV rays.

Most people think of these benefits immediately when they picture a screen door, but there are several other factors to take into consideration—which can help you find the perfect screen door for your home in Guelph!

Screen Door Size

Screens and screen doors come in a number of standard sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Measuring your door frame to ensure a perfect fit can be a tricky job and it’s best done by a professional. If the size of your openings does not match the standard sizes, it may also entail a certain amount of custom work.

Most screen door installers will make two visits to your house: first to measure, then another to complete the actual installation. Here at Burl-Oak Screen Sunrooms in Guelph, we do all the measuring and installing in one visit. If any custom-fitting is necessary, it is completed on-site by our experienced installation team.

Protection for Screen Doors

Screen doors can be vulnerable to rips or tears, so it’s important to think about how you’re going to protect them beforehand. If you’re concerned about bad weather, we can provide lightweight and durable storm panels to safeguard your screen doors. These can be easily attached and offer amazing protection from wind, rain and snow.

Do you have pets? Cats and small dogs can easily slip under retractable screens. Ask us about our slide and stop retractable sealed screens to learn more about pet-proof options for your home.

Visit our contact page to get a quote for a screen door installation in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo or our other services areas in southern Ontario.

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