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Acrylic Roofing in Ontario

Are you looking for acrylic roofing to complete your home’s new addition or renovation project?

Patio Covers Using Acrylic Roof

At Burl-Oak Screens, we specialize in constructing custom sun covers for patios, sunrooms, and more, using acrylic patio roof panels. If you are looking for a sun cover for a patio, a patio porch roof, or an acrylic patio roof for a sunroom, then we can help design and install a solution that’s a perfect fit for your home.

Our team has been installing acrylic patio roofs across Southwestern Ontario for over 10 years. We offer quick turnaround time on new projects and pride ourselves on being able to install a new acrylic roof faster than our competitors.

Natural Light Patio Covers

Natural Light Patio Covers are premium patio covers made by Lumon Canada, an industry-leading supplier of acrylic roofing. This advanced roofing product provides outdoor protection and comfort, shielding you and your family from UV rays while allowing sunlight to shine through and gently warm your space.

The team at Burl-Oak Screens will always install these patio covers ourselves to ensure the proper fit for your home. All Natural Light Patio Covers come with a 10-year warranty and an extra 30-year warranty against discoloration.

Acrylic Roofing & Benefits

Acrylic roofing sheets are an increasingly popular solution for residential roofing projects in Canada. They are often used for semi-outdoor spaces that require sun covers, such as sunrooms, screen rooms, screened in porches, pergolas, patios, covered decks, and more.

Our clear acrylic roof panels are semi-transparent and UV-resistant, which means they will protect you from harmful solar rays while allowing light to gently filter through into your space. Acrylic roof panels are also lightweight, quick-to-install, and highly durable.

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