Mini Luxury Homes

We are adding mini lux homes to our product line, clients have asked us in the past if we did stand-alone structures, so we have added a unique stand-alone structure.

What is nice about these units is the versatility of making the structure from 140 sq ft up to 700 sq ft. By adding more SIP panels (structurally insulated panels) with an R 24 rating, most new homes today meet R 24 and lots of homes built before the 80 are only R12.

So keeping it warm or cool should not be a problem.

Phase one is a simple
Bunkhouse/studio/office/gym/heated/cooled storage space.

Phase two
We add water, like a motorhome system, sinks shower/grey water, and smart tank toilets.

Powered via the grid or off-grid with solar and batteries and or a small generator for the off days.

Lots of variations. Reasonably price, and quickly built, a day for the base and a day for the SIP panels. That’s right the structure depending on the size could be completed in two days. Interior walls etc. will add to cost and time to completion dates.

Imagine a new studio/bunkhouse stand-alone building erected in two days, 300 sq ft of space for $60,000 options are water, power systems, etc.