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Sunrooms With Moving Screens

VistaView™ Retractable Wall Screens are designed for even the biggest of doors and windows and the most unique applications. VistaView™ can cover up to 28’ wide and up to 11’ tall making it the largest Retractable screen available. You will love using VistaView™ screen doors for bi fold doors, stacker doors, curtain walls, telescoping walls, lift & slide door systems, french doors or any opening that needs to be screened.

VistaView™ is now available in 60mm, 70mm, and 80mm housing options.

Each VistaView™ is custom made to fit your application and has an Auto-Stop feature and captured mesh for improved performance and easy day to day use. No longer do you need to look at pull bars running down the middle of your screen. One system covers the entire distance. A handle brake system that lets you stop the screen anywhere you want! The screen features captured mesh technology which gives it a high wind rating and keeps your pets inside.


The Horizon Retractable Wall Screens lets you relax and enjoy open concept living. Bring the outdoors in – minus the bugs! 20′ in a single screen, 40′ with 2 combined Horizon Screens. Low profile track with floating upper track system. Each unit is tested by the manufacturer before going out for installation.

Auto Stop

Automatically stops when the handle is released.

Low Profile Track

The lower track blends seamlessly into every application

No Visible Fasteners

Fits harmoniously in any architectural setting

Large Openings

40’ Wide with a Double Span

Floating Track

Provides automatic compensation across the entire opening.

Patented Flush Handle

Improves aesthetics and provides more clearance.

Captured Edge

Locks screen in

Wizard Screen Solutions introduces SmartScreen, a versatile manual pull down screening system for windows, openings and garage doors. SmartScreen provides convenient insect control, UV protection, and feature a captured edge which prevents screen blow-outs.

SmartScreen is the perfect solution for vertical screening. A unique floating track system provides smooth and easy operation. It takes only seconds to Slide n’ Stop the screen anywhere along its tracks. Pin locks further secure the pull bar in place.

Manual pull down screens are custom made for your application.

Single Entry

Below are the different types of single entry screens we offer.

  • Pull Across – Basic
  • Pull Across – Captured Edge
  • Motorized

Double Entry

Below are the different types of double entry screens we offer.

  • Pull Across – Basic Double
  • Pull Across – Captured Edge
  • Motorized or Pull-Down

Complete Walk-In

Below are the different types of complete walk-in screens we offer.

  • Pull Across – Captured Edge Double Opening
  • Motorized

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