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Sunrooms & Screen Rooms In Ontario

Are you looking for a custom screening solution for your sunroom, screen room, porch, or patio? If you’re trying to build a space where you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and elegance, while staying protected from UV rays, bad weather, bugs, insects, and other pests, then you are in the right place.

Our Custom Sunroom & Screen Room Installations

At Burl-Oak Screens, each sunroom installation project is designed to especially meet your specific needs. With each new project, we use a combination of features that you choose, depending on the style of room you are looking for.

For example, we can build you a room made entirely of stationary screens with a single or double swinging screen door. We can add storm panels that can be put up in the fall and taken down in the spring. We can also use motorized or manual screens for all or part of your room. Whatever the case, we will find the right mix for you!

Your sunroom or screen room is custom-built on-site to ensure a perfect fit for your home. We come to you to measure, then cut, build, assemble, and install all the features you choose to make the best space for your home.

Our approach to the installation process helps us find a solution that fits each home. It also allows us to overcome obstacles that might be problematic for other companies. We use a mixture of experience and creative problem-solving to always deliver what you’re looking for in a sunroom, screen room, screened-in porch, or patio enclosure.
At Burl-Oak Screens, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver an end result that is unmatched by our competitors. Our team can create custom screen solutions for a variety of spaces, including:

Our Screen Solutions for Your Home in Ontario

Warm and Comfortable Sunrooms
Want to add a space to your home where you can enjoy the warmth and natural light during the summer? A sunroom is the perfect solution, offering a great space for relaxing, entertaining guests, or simply taking in the evening view of the sunset.

Sometimes referred to as solariums or conservatories, sunrooms are designed to provide a space where you can soak in the sun — it’s that simple! At Burl-Oak Screens, we specialize in building custom sunroom additions for homes in Ontario, using acrylic roof panels to offer protection from UV-rays and allow natural light to filter in.

Our team designs most of our sunrooms to be screened sunrooms, where you, your family, and your guests can also be protected from insects, bugs, and other pests. Get in touch with our team to learn more about a custom sunroom today — if you’re looking for inspiration, we’re always happy to provide sunroom ideas to get started.
Fully-Protected Screen Rooms
A screen room is a semi-outdoor space, typically attached to your home, where you can enjoy the natural breeze and light of the outdoors, while being protected from insects, bugs, and other pests by fixed screens.

Many screen rooms also double as sunrooms, but a screen room can also be designed provide shade for its occupants. At Burl-Oak Screens, we specialize in building custom screen rooms for homes in Ontario, using fixed screens and a variety of screen doors to offer total protection. Our team can also install custom storm panels to help protect your screens from extreme weather.
Professional Screened in Porches
Do you have a porch in your back or front yard, where you like to sit and enjoy the outdoor weather? If you’re having trouble with local insects and wildlife, which make it difficult to sit outside at certain times of days (or during specific months of the year), then constructing a screened-in porch can be a perfect solution.

A screened in porch is designed to allow you to fully enjoy the outdoors, while keeping out mosquitoes, wasps, flies, and other unwanted visitors. At Burl-Oak, we provide custom screening solutions for porches, patio, covered decks, verandas, and more. Our team can also install custom storm panels to help protect your screened-in porch from bad weather.
Custom Patio Enclosures
Do you have an outdoor patio where you like to sit and relax or entertain guests in the evening? If you find that you have to head inside at times to avoid insects like mosquitoes or waps, then a patio enclosure system can provide a great solution to your problems.

At Burl-Oak Screens, we specialize in building outdoor patio screen enclosures that provide comfort, protection, and allow you to freely enjoy nature. Our patio screen enclosure systems use acrylic roofing, fixed and moving screens, and a variety of screen door options to provide the perfect solution for your patio.
Choose from a variety of moving screen options for your sunroom, screen room, screened in porch, or patio enclosure. Browse single entry, double entry, and complete walk-in screens, including both pull across and motorized models.
Select from a range of options for fixed screens for your sunroom, screen room, screened in porch, veranda, covered deck, and more. View standard fixed screens, storm screens, or adjustable 4-track windows and pick the right fit for your home.
If you want a motorized screen or automatic screen for your home, then our team can supply and install a variety of models up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall. Motorized retractable screens are convenient, simple to operate, and can suit a variety of spaces in your home.
Acrylic roofing sheets are a popular solution for semi-outdoor spaces that require sun covers, such as sunrooms, screen rooms, pergolas, patios, covered decks, and more. An acrylic roof will protect you from harmful solar rays, while allowing light to gently filter into your space.
Storm panels are designed to easily attach to fixed screens, motorized screens, and swinging screen doors to protect them from extreme weather. Each lightweight and durable panel can be easily removed or attached in seconds, making for easy changes from season to season.

Find the perfect screen solution for your home today!