Terms & Conditions

After we go thru the email and planning process we consummate the deal with a meeting.

We will want a small deposit, this deposit pays for the BCIN and is nonrefundable. Usually $3-4000

After the permit process is approved a second deposit is required usually 30 percent of the job this allows us to purchase raw materials for the deck order and labour, then 40 percent for the roof order and a balance of 30 percent for window installation and finishing touches. If you already have the base or deck and a permit is not needed we usually go 50 up front and 50 when complete.

We accept all major Credit Cards
Personal chqs, or etransfer. We are not big on cash sales. As it’s hard to manage a business properly with cash sales.

If the job is a small job, we will expect payment upon completion, we do not add points if you use your CC.